Benefits of Consignment Clothes Shopping

Consignment, thrift, vintage, old, worn, used, hand-me-down. These words describe clothes or items that have been used before and are now for sale or have been given to someone else to use. They have been recycled and used again. There are many benefits of consignment clothes shopping that may entice you to purchase used goods the next time you’re ready to shop. Check out some of the benefits and don’t forget about the personal satisfaction you may get when you find that awesome shirt squeezed in the row of not so awesome shirts… shopping high, yes!

1. Price

One of the best benefits of buying used goods is the price. A used t-shirt for $2.50 versus a brand new shirt for $25.50 says it all. Savings, yes!

2. Environmentally Friendly

Purchasing used clothes and goods helps give life to something old, making it new again. Rather than only buying brand new clothes, that old pair of jeans can be worn again and again rather than being thrown away as a perfectly good pair.

3. Variety

The amount of variety from style to brand and everything in between lends for every person to find their unique style and functional piece.

4. Quality

Higher quality clothes that are very expensive brand new can make their way to consignment shops for less than half the price.

5. Less Chemical Residue

This is something to keep in mind particularly when shopping for young children and infants whose skin may be more sensitive. A used piece of clothing may have been washed numerous times releasing any chemical residues from the fabrics, dyes and manufacturing process.